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Tin Coated Copper Crimping Terminal Connectors

Witnessing the Tin Coated Copper Crimping Terminal Connectors by Copper Fittings’ high end brand, designed to ensure the best conductivity and longevity of the electric connections. Custom made with precision and who have a good quality, these connectors guarantee secure and durable terminations that can be used for different applications like those in car wiring or those in industrial machines. By covering the connections with tin, this results in them being more resistance to corrosion, making them usable inside as well as outside and even in challenging situations Copper being the material used ensure superconductivity for electricity minimizing power problem and guaranteeing efficient energy transmission.

The copper crimping terminals made of tin-coated copper are manufactured and made available in a variety of lengths and configurations. Therefore, Copper Fittings can cater to diverse electrical needs across industrial and domestic setups. Furthermore, the copper crimping terminals can be used by both DIY enthusiasts and professionals to deliver reliable solutions. No matter if you are involved in a small, medium or a large project, we deliver dependability and quality assurance that the goals of our projects are guaranteed to be met under our expertise and competency. Achieve a superior grade of protection for your electrical equipment with our tin coated copper crimping terminal connectors, which guarantees the ultimate security of performance in any conditions.

Tin Crimping

Tin Copper Crimping Connectors Specification:

Check our specification table on the tin coating crimp terminals – it’ll contain all the details you need about the dimensions, wire diameter, crimping specifications, and coating. Achieve the best possible electric conductivity together with corrosion-resistance and mechanical strength for your electric connections by using our approved and successful device.

Connector ModelDimensions (mm)Wire Gauge CompatibilityCrimping Range (mm²)Coating Material
TCCT-10110 x 5 x 322-16 AWG0.5 - 1.5Tin-Coated Copper
TCCT-20215 x 8 x 416-14 AWG1.5 - 2.5Tin-Coated Copper
TCCT-30320 x 10 x 512-10 AWG2.5 - 6Tin-Coated Copper
Tin Coated Copper Crimping Image

Tin-Coated Copper Crimping Terminal Connectors Technical Details:

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Connector ModelMaterialPlatingWire Gauge CompatibilityDimensions (mm)Crimping Range (mm²)
TCCT-101CopperTin22-16 AWG10 x 5 x 30.5 - 1.5
TCCT-202CopperTin16-14 AWG15 x 8 x 41.5 - 2.5
TCCT-303CopperTin12-10 AWG20 x 10 x 52.5 - 6
TCCT-404CopperTin8 AWG25 x 12 x 66 - 10
TCCT-505CopperTin6 AWG30 x 15 x 710 - 16
TCCT-606CopperTin4 AWG35 x 18 x 816 - 25

Advantages and Disadvantages of Copper Crimping Connectors


  • Corrosion resistant with tin coating improvement.
  • Higher electrical conductivity, therefore allowing substantial energy transmission without wastage.
  •  Sanitation that is safe and long overdue has the power to transform activities for different applications.
  • The wide variety of sizes and shapes that can be customized according to specific requirements for applications.


  • More expensive than non-coated alternatives in initial cost.
  • In which proper installation can only be achieved with the aid of specialized tools.
  • Handles may be tin-coated, so overusing them, the coating can be worn off eventually.
  • The scarcity in certain places or the very same specific configurations.