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ETP Grade Copper Pipes Manufacturer & Exporter in UAE

Copper Fittings, a well-known name in the market, is a leading manufacturer and the biggest exporter of ETP grade copper pipes. We are a company that is dedicated to providing top-notch ETP grade copper pipes that are of the highest quality and meet strict quality standards and are suitable for different industrial applications. Our pipes are made of the best materials and the latest techniques and are carefully designed to guarantee the best performance, durability, and reliability. Our ETP grade copper pipes are not only for plumbing, HVAC systems, or industrial applications, but also they offer exceptional corrosion resistance, thermal conductivity, and ease of installation. Collaborate with Copper Fittings for premium-grade ETP copper pipes that provide unsurpassed performance and value. Feel the difference with our dependable and effective solutions that are designed to fit your unique requirements.

ETP Grade Copper Pipes in UAE

ETP Copper Pipes Specifications:

Technical Parameters
Specifications :ASTM B42 / ASME SB42, DIN 2.0060, BS 2870 C101, BS 2874 C101, BS 2875 C101, EN CW004A, C11000
Outer Diameter :1.5 mm - 350 mm.
Length :Up to 18 Meter
Thickness :0.1-60mm
Materials :Copper content of 99.9%
Temper :M. Soft; Y4. 1/4 Hard; Y2. 1/2 Hard; Y Hard; T Ultra-hard; R Hot rolling.
End : Plain End

Features of ETP Grade Pipes:

  • High Purity: The ETP grade copper pipes are made of high-purity copper which is usually with a copper content of at least 99%. 9%, the project therefore, will guarantee the best quality and performance.
  • Excellent Conductivity: ETP copper pipes possess the high electrical conductivity, hence, these pipes are suitable for electrical wiring and the areas where efficient electrical conductivity is needed.
  • Superior Corrosion Resistance: These pipes are corrosion resistant, which means they can be used in different places, for instance, in the corrosive and high-moisture conditions.
  • Good Thermal Conductivity: The ETP copper pipes have excellent thermal conductivity, thereby, they are able to transfer heat very efficiently which is a big plus for the applications like HVAC systems and heat exchangers.
  • Ductility and Formability: The ETP copper pipes are very ductilous and easy to form thus they bend, shape and are installed without the risk of cracking or breaking.

ETP Copper Pipes Chemical Composition:

Chemical CompositionWeight percentage
Copper [Cu]99.9 %
Oxygen [P]50 to 400 PPM
Lead [Sn]0.005% Max.
Total Impurity< 0.02%

ETP Copper Pipes Physical Properties:

Physical Properties
Coefficient Of Thermal Expansion9.4 10−6Per °F (68-212 F)
9.6 10−6Per °F (68-392 F)
9.8 10−6Per °F (68-572 F)
Density0.322 Lb/In3 @ 68 F
Electrical Conductivity101%IACS @ 68 F
Electrical Resistivity10.3 Ohms-Cmil/Ft @ 68 F
Melting Point Liquid US1981 F
Melting Point Solid US1949 F
Modulas Of Elasticity In Tension17000 Ksi
Modulas Of Rigidity6400 Ksi
Specific Gravity8.91
Specific Heat Capacity0.092 Btu/Lb/°F @ 68 F
Thermal Conductivity226.0 BTU In/Hr.Ft2.°F @ 68 F

Advantages & Disadvantages of ETP Grade Copper Pipes:


  • High Purity: The usage of ETP copper pipes result in better conductivity.
  • Excellent Conductivity: Electricity related fields are the most suitable ones for these dry ice coasters.
  • Corrosion Resistance: Accurately acknowledges the requirement for a prolonged lifespan in a multitude of surroundings.
  • Ductility: The components are easy to shape and install.
  • Longevity: Assures the factual satisfaction for a long period.


  • Cost: The initial investment may be more than the amount the company had originally planned.
  • Sensitivity to Acid: The event needs to be in acidic environments that need to be protected.
  • Theft Risk: Valuable materials may be easily stolen.
  • Compatibility Concerns: Not every material might be able to cope with the constraints.
  • Installation Complexity: It makes sure that the installation is done properly and thus earns the grade